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Fill in the Blank:

You Know you are a Crossfiter when: You Can’t hold a beer in your had that night You cant sleep because you know you can do it faster You chalk the steering wheel before going on long drives or its already chalked…….just in case When you have and WOD KILLA sticker on your rear window more »

Road to Combat Challenge

Hello Cross fitters! First of all thanks for all the response I have gotten from those of you who want to see Justin go to the World Finals!  After watching Justin dominates at the local Firefighter Combat Challenge, Jared and I asked Justin if he was going to go to the championship since he qualified, more »

A week of Firsts

Wow what a week.   Congrats to everyone this week i know that is was hot and the wods were tough.  Good job.  This week I watched  some goals reached.  So just a shout out to this clients for raising the bar to that next level. Katie great job on Rx ing the WODs and doing more »

What are your goals?

What are your goals? Not just at the gym but in the rest of your life, too. I think everyone should have some sort of goal in and out of the gym. People without goals can lack focus, which eventually leads to lack of motivation and determination. Goals can give you the extra push you more »

What Is Fitness and Who Is Fit?

Outside Magazine crowned triathlete Mark Allen “the fittest man on earth.” Let’s just assume for a moment that this famous six-time winner of the IronMan Triathlon is the fittest of the fit, then what title do we bestow on the decathlete Simon Poelman who also possesses incredible endurance and stamina, yet crushes Mr. Allen in any comparison that includes strength, power, speed, and coordination?

Goal Setting.

Hi.  So some of you may have heard me talking about weekly goal setting.  The idea is to set a goal that will challenge you mentality and phisicaly.  To say something like i want to lost 10 lbs and get toner is a great goal to have but very hard to achieve in a week.  So more »

Stay off the Scale

This article may get me hot water with the female clients. Oh well here goes. One of the things I have never understood is people’s obsession with their weight. People get this idea that they have to be a certain weight in order to be healthy.  CrossFit has never been about how much you weigh. more »

Road to the Combat Challenge

As many of you are aware I have been competing in the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge for almost ten years.  My first competition was in Oklahoma City in June 2000; my time was a blistering 2:28. I lay on the ground for about 45 minutes after that run. It was about 95 degrees that day, more »

Moving day.

Thanks today for all your help moving over to the new suite.  With your help we will continue to grow and improve in all aspects.  thank you for making this possible.  See you on Monday.

Trainers Log

Weds March 17 2010.                        I have to give a shout out to the Lady’s today.  Great job way to show up and represent.   Enjoy your st. Patty’s day.

Trainers log

Trainers Log March 11, 2010 Well the Crossfit total challenge is off and running with big numbers already posted. Look forward to seeing all of our clients improve over this next month. Also the Dublin dash is just around the corner. I heard that bloody marries never tasted better then after the dash. Justin and more »

Trainer’s Log

Monday March 8 2010 I think I should start this log with a little personal info about me Keith Trojanowski: 10 things you may or may not know about me: 1. I have no middle name 2. I don’t grown hair on my head 3. I am 31 4. I am from Wyo. Go pokes more »


Hi my name is Keith and this is a test. More to come.