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Wednesday:  November 20, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  2:00 External Hip Rotation Contract/Relax 2 Rounds Run 1 Lap (or row 100 m if it’s snowing) 10 Wallballs 10 Medball Bear Hug Good Mornings :30 HS Hold (or plank in the push up position if you prefer) Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) Deadlift:  3-2-2-1-1-1 (increasing – if the bar is feeling light more »

Tuesday:  November 19, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Pec Smash w/ Single LAX Ball, :90/side 20 A-frame Toe Touches 20 Box Jumps (step down) 20 Perfect Push Ups Run 400m, increasing speed A-frame Toes touch: Get into a straight arm plank, then push your hips up and reach your right arm back to touch your left foot. That’s 1. more »

Monday:  November 18, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Shoulder floss and/or banded shoulder distraction, 1:30/side Row 300m 20 Banded Good Mornings 30 Bottoms Up Press w/ light KB or change plate Strength(15:00 – 35:00) Back Squat:  Establish a 5RM (keep this number – we’ll be using it going forward) Otherwise, do a 5×5 at moderate weight. WOD(40:00 – more »

Friday:  November 15, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Banded overhead distraction, 2:00/side 2 Rounds, increasing speed 10 Alternating DB Snatch Run 1 Lap 10 S-arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk (5/side) Run 1 Lap Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) Handstand pushups: Spend some time working on HSPU technique.  If you’re good a kipping, work on strict.  If you can do both strict more »

Thursday:  November 14, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  20 Front Rack Elbow Pointers With an empty bar in the front rack and hand wrapped around the bar, alternate driving your elbows up around the bar to loosen up the front rack position. 20 Spidermans 2 rounds 12 step through lunges (unweighted) 12 KB Swings Strength/Skill(15:00 – 40:00) With an more »

Wednesday:  November 13, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Barbell Calf/Achilles Smash, 1:00/side Weakness warmup: 50 Wall Balls* Every time the ball stops moving complete 5 burpees. *The goal here is no burpees.  But if you won’t be able to complete this in at least 3 sets, use a lighter ball or reduce the reps. Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) Front squat:  more »

Tuesday:  November 12, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Banded Internal/External shoulder rotations, 20 per arm* *Attach a band to a post and face perpendicular to the rig. Step away, putting tension in the band. Rotate the shoulder internally (down), then externally (up), pausing in both end ranges briefly. That’s 1 rep. 2 Rounds 16 Duck Walk Steps 10 Empty more »

Monday:  November 11, 2019

A very big thank you to all our vets! Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Banded pigeon pose: 2:00/side 3 Rounds, 10 Glue Bridges 10 Good Mornings (PVC, Empty Barbell, Empty Barbell) 10 Kip Swings Strength(15:00 – 35:00) Dead Lift:  5×3 (increasing weight across all five sets) WOD(40:00 – 51:00) Fitness “Armistice Light” AMRAP 11 11 Power more »

Friday:  November 8, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Double LAX Ball T-Spine Smash, 2:00 2 Rounds 12 Banded OH Squats 12 Box Jumps, step down Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) In 15 Minutes find a 3RM Front Squat WOD(35:00 – 51:00): Fitness/Performance/Competition If you’re planning to do 20.5 on Saturday: AMRAP 4 Minutes x 4 400m Run 20 Box Jumps 24/20″ more »

Thursday:  November 7, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  20 Band Pull Aparts 2 Rounds 12 Lunge and Reach 12 S-Arm DB Thrusters (light) 8-10 Strict Pull Ups Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) Handstand Walks: Spend 10-12 minutes practicing handstand walks.  If you don’t quite have them yet, do handstand holds, wall climbs, handstand walk around a box, etc.  Anything to get more »

Wednesday:  November 6, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Banded Pigeon Pose, :90/side Row 400m 20 Duck Walk Steps 15 Jump Squats Strength(12:00 – 25:00) Spend 10-12 minutes working up to a 1RM power clean. If your max days are over, feel free to do a 4×3 power clean at moderate weight. WOD(30:00 – 54:00) Fitness 4 Cycles In 3:00 more »

Tuesday:  November 5, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Barbell Tricep or Lat Smash, 1:00/side 2 RDS 10 Scap Pull Ups 8 Kip Swings 6 Kipping hanging knee raises 4 Toes to Bar Strength/Skill(15:00 – 35:00) Dumbbell Squat Clean 15-12-9-6 (choose weight for unbroken sets) Good info on ways to improve cycling your DB squat cleans: WOD(40:00 – 52:00): more »

Monday:  November 4, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 20:00) Mobility:  20 Spidermans followed by 20 Hip Openers Spiderman:athlete assumes the top of a push up position and brings their right foot to the outside of their right hand, pauses, and then brings the leg back. That’s 1. Alternate sides for 20 total. Hip Opener:from a standing position, athletes lift one leg more »

Friday:  November 1, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 10:00) Mobility:  Couch Stretch:  2:00/side 2 RDS 10 Air Squats 10 Lunges 10 Push Ups Primer(10:00 – 30:00) (The goal of the primer is for you to feel the movement transitions, make a game plan based on feel, and get the body ready for the workout ahead – go get it) Spend some more »

Thursday:  October 31, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Single LAX Ball Trap/Scap smash, 2:00/side 3 Rounds 10 OHS (RD1: PVC, RD2: Empty Bar, RD3: Light barbell) 10 Dive bomber pushups 10 Warrior Squats Strength/Skill(15:00 – 30:00) OHS:  4×2 Overhead Squat WOD(35:00 – 55:00) Strict 20:00 Time Cap Fitness For Time 200 Single Unders 500m Row 35 KB Goblet more »

Wednesday:  October 30, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 20:00) Mobility:  Banded shoulder distraction 2:00/side General Warm Up 20 Glute Bridges Run 400m (or row 500m) 20 Empty Bar Thrusters Directly into: Snatch Warm Up Empty Bar (or PVC if needed), 5 Reps of Each Muscle Snatch Pause Overhead Squat Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press Snatch Balance Power Position Squat Snatch more »

Tuesday:  October 29, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Single LAX Ball Pec Smash, or Twisted Cross Stretch, 2:00/ side 2 Steady Rounds, 1:00 at each station Max Duration Ring Support Hold Row Deadbugs Strength/Skill(15:00 – 35:00) 3 Sets for Max Reps at 60% (or less – should be able to get at least 12+ reps) of Bodyweight Bench Press more »

Monday:  October 28, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 12:00) Mobility:  Internal Shoulder Rotation: Athletes reach behind their back with thumb pointed up and grab hold of the rig or an upright. Athletes may then slowly bend their knees and lean forward to get a stretch in the front of the shoulder joint. 1:30/side. Steady 5 Minute AMRAP Strict Cindy: 3 Strict more »

Friday:  October 25, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Banded shoulder distraction, 2:00/side. 3 RDS 10 Good mornings 10 Dive Bomber Pushups 10 Glute Bridges Primer(15:00 – 35:00) (The goal of the primer is for you to feel the movement transitions, make a game plan based on feel, and get the body ready for the workout ahead – go get more »

Thursday:  October 24, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 20:00) Mobility:  Partner assisted Front Rack Mobilization: P1 puts the bar in the back rack (yes, back rack) and drives their elbows forward and up. P2 helps P1 by gently pushing the elbows up higher. Ensure that P1 has their entire hand wrapped around the bar, not just resting in the fingertips. 3 more »