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WOD Friday July 1, 2011

Row 500m for time x3 3 mins rest between rows Write two times on the board: 1) total time over the course of the 3 rows, and 2) your best 500m time.


Has anyone heard the story of the boiling frog? The idea is this: if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog is going to immediately recognize the undesirability of the situation and try its hardest to get out. But if you put a frog in cold water, and then gradually more »

WOD Tuesday June 28, 2011

30 kb swings (55/35) 20 knees to elbows 10 barbell ground to overhead (135/95) AMRAP in 18 mins

WOD Monday June 27, 2011

Small 1000m row 50 burpees 50 box jumps 800m run 3 rounds, done in teams of 2 or 3, depending on how much work you want to do. Can also be done solo but there is a 50 minute time limit. This hero wod will be done in honor of Air Force veteran Mark P. more »

WOD Thursday June 23, 2011

Option 1 Clean and Jerk –5000lbs men, 3500lbs women Goal is to do it in as few reps as possible. Option 2, if your shoulders are too sore from the Turkish get-ups Deadlift –10000lbs men, 7000lbs women Again, goal is to do it in as few reps as possible. Option 3 500 mountain climbers 500 more »

WOD Wednesday June 22, 2011

5 Tasks 1000m row 100 double unders (300 singles) 50 situps 50 knees to elbows 50 Turkish get-ups (35/25) (25 reps per arm) Can be performed in any order. Can also be broken up in any way you want. But to get an RX, Turkish get-ups must be performed as in video below.

I’m in charge here

Hi all, Will here. Justin has asked me if I’d do some writing on the the BHCF website every now and again. I think it was his way of saying that I’m a better BSer than CrossFit trainer. I couldn’t come up with any arguments as to why he was wrong about that. So here more »

WOD Tuesday June 21, 2011

6 handstand pushups (or 30 second handstand hold) 9 ring dips 12 kb swings (55/35) 15 box jumps (24/20) AMRAP in 18 mins Try for partial range of motion on the HSPU rather than handstand holds — even if the range of motion is only a couple of inches. Use abmats to shorten the distance more »

New T-Shirts Are In

The new T-shirts are here come and get them, one for $25 or two for $45.  

CrossFit Games

There has been a lot of talk around the gym about participating in Crossfit Games in 2011. Crossfit Games 2010 is this weekend. They will be streaming the event live on the internet. I am not sure how it works, but I am guessing that you can go to the main site and their more »

WOD 7-06-2010

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Deadlift 135lb men, 95lb women Box jump 24in men, 20in women pushup

WOD 7-02-2010

50 Squats 1 lap 40 box jumps 1 lap 30 pushups 1 lap 20 situps 1 lap 10 pullups 1 lap 2 rounds

WOD 7-01-2010

500 m row 1 min plank 15 box jumps 20 kb swings A.M.R.A.P in 20 minutes

Wod 6-30-10

For Time: 25 Double unders (100)singles 20 Parallette push-ups 15 Walking Lunges (m25,w10) lbs over head 10 Knees 2 Elbows 5 rounds

The N Word

“NUTRITION” I would like to start a nutrition log with willing cliental. My goals are to meet on pre determined days throughout the mouth EX: Saturdays after class. During this time the active members would share success stories and tips for those of us that struggle. So for the interested parties please fill free to more »

Congratulations to Andy

Congratulations to Andy on getting some of his first pullups without using any bands. Andy came to us about 3 months ago. He started out using two bands together and doing jumping pullups. Andy has make some tremendous gains in a very short amount of time. If you see him, give him a ” atta more »