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Workout Of the Day

Friday April 9 2010 For Time: Fight Gone Bad.  3 rounds.

Workout Of the Day

Wednesday April 7 2010 pp…Click on this Link to review Push Press. For Time: 10 Push Press_15 Box Jumps_ 20 Sit ups_ 25 Wall Balls_ 5 Rounds

Workout Of the Day

Tuesday April 6 For Time: 10 Burpees_20 Box Jumps_30 Push Ups_40 Squats_50 Lunges_5 Rounds,

Workout Of the Day

Monday April 5 2010 For Time: 200 m Run__50 Squats___50 Push ups___50 Sit-ups___50 Burpees___Run 200m

Website Update

What would you like to see different on Are there any options you think should be added or changes that would make the site better. Do you have content you are wanting to read here that isn’t listed. Leave a comment on your thoughts and we’ll see what we can do to make this more »

Paleo update

I’ve been at the paleo diet for a month now, so I thought it was time for an update. Just as a clarification, I didn’t go strictly paleo. I mixed in a little bit of what Mark Sisson has termed “primal.” So, I ate a little dairy in week three and then found that it may not more »

The turtles are laughing

I am slow. I’m not talking mentally, though that’s actually up for debate. I am slow at CrossFit W.O.D.s. Still. After three months. In fact, I’m so slow that I’m almost always the last person to finish the W.O.D. Even when new people start. Does this bother me? Hell yes. Should it bother me? I more »

Workout Of the Day

For Time” 10 Front Squats___10 Lunges___10 K.B Swings___10 Knees & Elbows___10 Rounds

Workout Of the Day

For time: Carri 500 m Row___21-15-9___of Pullups, Pushups, Squats____500m Row

By the numbers

My CrossFit numbers … Times gone to CrossFit: 34 Total deadlift: 205 pounds Total back squat: 105 pounds Total overhead press: 75 pounds Box jump height: 20 inches Kettlebell: 35 pounds Pushups without stopping: 20 Pullups without stopping: 6 Wallball weight: 10 pounds Times I’ve wanted to die after a workout: 34 My paleo/primal/caveman numbers more »

Workout Of the Day

Wednesday March 24 2010 For Time: 15 Reps for:  Decline pushup___Wall Balls 20# 10’___Box Jumps___K.B swings________6Rounds

Workout Of the Day

Tuesday March 23 2010 For Time:  10 Push Press___15 Situps___25 Squats___30 Parallett jumps________4 Rounds


CROSSFIT TOTALS FEMALES         TOTAL WEIGHT           SCORE 1.    KELIE                485 LB                      412.638 2.    JAMI                  415 LB                      378.065 3.    SUMMER         510 LB                      354.756 4.    MELLISA          375 LB                      317.325 5.    AMANDA         365 LB                      303.023 6.    HILLARY D      385 LB                      297.874 7.    BETTY              340 LB                      285.94 8.    PAULA       395 LB                      284.242 9.    KATHY             355 LB                      more »

SCHEDULE CHANGES I wanted to remind everybody that, there will be no evening classes today or any morning classes on Monday March, 22nd. Starting in April we will be eliminating the 5am class.  But we will be adding a 1100-1200 class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  I encourage people to look at the schedule at more »

Workout Of the Day

Thrusday March 18 2010 For Time: 20-15-10-5-10-15-20 Incline Pushups___Deadlifts___Knees to Elbows___Wallballs

Work Out of the Day

Weds  March 17 2010 16 S.D.H.P 14 K.B swings over head, 12 Pullups__5 Rounds

Workout Of the Day

Tues March 16 2010 For Time: 100 Jump Ropes, 20 Box Jumps, 15 Pushups, 10 Trusters, 10 Rounds

%*#@$ paleo …

So, I caved. Really, I thought joining CrossFit would be the last time I gave in to peer pressure. But here I am, almost one full week into trying the paleo diet. It’s not that I have any particular beef (horrible pun gleefully intended) with the paleo diet. It seems like a sensible way to more »

The social aspect

I went to my old gym for two and a half years and never met anyone new. I’ve been going to CrossFit for three months and have met at least a dozen people. It’s amazing what you find in common with someone who’s siting beside you, dripping sweat after burpees and lunges and pull ups more »