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WOD Thursday Aug 25, 2011

400m run (3 laps) 30 wall balls (20/14) 400m run 30 toes to bar 400m run 30 burpees 400m run

WOD Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

Deadlift 9000/6000 Row 1k For time. You can break it up any way you want, and go back and forth between rowing and lifting. You just need to accumulate 9000/6000 in the deadlift and row a total of 1k.

WOD Monday Aug 22, 2011

10 handstand pushups (or 1 min handstand hold) 20 pullups 30 kb swings (55/35) 40 box jumps 50 double unders 3 rounds

WOD Friday Aug 19, 2011

Press Push Press Push Jerk Round 1: 5 reps of each at 50% of one-rep max in strict press Round 2: 4 reps of each at 60% Round 3: 3 reps of each at 70% Round 4: 2 reps of each at 80% Round 5: 1 rep of each at 90% No time component to more »

WOD Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

Part 1: WOD 6 cleans (115/75) 12 kb swings (45/35) 24 double unders AMRAP in 12 mins Note: There is a 50 burpee penalty for anyone who asks about whether or not you must perform a full front squat on a “clean.” Part 2: MobilityWOD #5

WOD Friday Aug 12, 2011

Athlete’s Choice Each class will decide on a named WOD (one of the WODs on the leaderboard). The group has 15 minutes to choose the WOD — in other words, before the end of the warmup. If no decision is made within that time the WOD will be Fran. Later classes can do a WOD more »

WOD Thursday Aug 11, 2011

Part 1: WOD 10 deadlifts (135/95) 8 power cleans (135/95) 6 thrusters (135/95) 5 rounds Part 2: MobilityWOD #4

RIP Nick Armstrong

In honor of fallen Rapid City Police Officer Nick Armstrong, Black Hills CrossFit will be cancelling the noon class on Thursday August 10th. The funeral is that day at 11am. Click here for more information.

WOD Monday Aug 8, 2011

Part I: Back Squat 10-8-6-4-2 Part II: Partner WOD 200 wallballs While one partner is doing wallballs the other must hold a handstand.

WOD Thursday Aug 4, 2011

Part I: WOD 500m row 5 laps 400m row 4 laps 300m row 3 laps 200m row 2 laps 100m row 1 lap You may start with the run or the row. Part 2: MobilityWOD #3

Damper Settings on the C2

Keith found a great discussion on the CrossFit message boards about the ideal damper settings for the row machines. Here’s the heart of it, but the entire thread is worth reading. Ok I am writing this thread to clarify the drag factor on the Concept 2 rowers. Many people comment me “Chris – I row more »

WOD Wednesday Aug 3, 2011

10 barbell shoulder to overhead (95/65) 10 front squats (95/65) 15 kb swings (55/35) 30 lunges (15 per side) 5 rounds * Press, push press, push jerk, and split jerk are all acceptable for the barbell to overhead exercise. * The weight must always start from the floor. No racks if you want an RX. more »

“The Non-Negotiability of Perfection”

This is a great article: CrossFit is the pursuit of athletic perfection—performing difficult workouts with technical mastery under conditions of duress. We’re looking for flawless form with a jackhammering heart, bursting lungs, and battery acid-filled veins. When this is accomplished with unyielding intensity, the result is nothing short of beautiful. When we fall short of more »