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Tue Mar 2 2010

For Time: 70 burpee__60 Situps__50 Squats__40 Pullup__30 Push ups__row 500m

CROSSFIT TOTAL CHALLENGE March 11th and 12th we will be starting the Crossfit Total challenge.  The competition will consist of three lifts, max deadlift, squat, and press.  All three lifts will be done in the same workout.  We will then work on these lifts over the next 8 weeks.  This competition will have a buy more »

In the beginning, there was Fat Girl

Although CrossFit is quickly growing in popularity, many people still have lots of questions — and possible misconceptions — about the exercise program. To give those who are interested a better idea about what CrossFit is like and what a first-timer can expect, new Black Hills CrossFit member Hillary Dobbs will blog about her experiences more »

Tues Feb 23 2010 W.O.D

For Time : 10– Pull ups_____15–K.B Swings_____20– Thrusters______5 rounds

Mon. Feb, 22 2010

For Time. “blind Melon” 50 Wall Balls 50 Burpees 40 Wall balls 40 Burpees 30 Wall balls 30 Burpees 20 Wall Balls 20 Burpees 10 Wall balls 10 Brupees 40 Burpees

Wed. Feb 17, 2010 WOD

20-17-14-11-8-5-2 — KB swings — Wall Ball — Burpees — — For Time

Of Botox, CrossFit … and Fear — Part II

Full disclosure: I am pretty much a coward. Most days, fear overcomes me far more than I overcome it. So, it’s not really surprising that when I first heard about CrossFit, the very idea of it scared the bejesus out of me. The only reason I tried it was because I was more afraid that I was missing out on something. If I had given in to the lesser fear, I’d have lost out on something that completely changed what I knew about working out. And, to a greater extent, what I knew about myself.

Mon. Feb. 15 2010 W.O.D

A.M.R.A.P “Cindy” 5 Pullup————10 Pushups———-15 squat.

Of Botox and CrossFit — Part I

Although I don’t recommend injecting your face with botulism as a form of anger management, the article did get me thinking about CrossFit and my “Fake It ’Til You Make It” philosophy.

Tue. Feb 09, 2010

For Time: 21-15-9-15-21 (BW)DeadLifts Pushups Situps

And then there were three

Back in the day when I sold books door-to-door for kicks and giggles and college beer money, they told us at sales school that it takes three weeks to form a habit. They meant 21 days. And although I haven’t gone to CrossFit 21 times in the past month, as of today, I have been more »

Fat girl tries CrossFit — The first week Day two

Fat girl tries CrossFit — The first week Day two And then there was day two. Day two took feeling stupid to a whole new low. The W.O.D. for my second time around was four rounds of running a fourth mile, 10 pull ups, 15 push press and 20 burpees. As I started the first more »

Fat girl tries CrossFit — The first week

Fat girl tries CrossFit — The first week

Day one

Like most decisions in my life, I didn’t rush to try CrossFit. I am nothing if not a slow decision maker. I had to do as much research as possible. I had to think about what it would be like.

Monday Jan 25, 2010, W.O.D

For Time: Rapid Fire Inc. 10 Pushups 10 Situps 10 squats 10 Rounds Mike x5 600 Jared 1018 John 1113 Randy 1522 Ricky 1445 Odie 1402

Monday Jan 25, 2010, W.O.D

For Time: 30 Squats 20 Box Jumps 10 Pullups 5 117 ‘ Sprints 4 Rounds 1200 Kelie 1516 Hillery2031 Dan 1604 1300 Trojan1444 Val 2254 1300 Mindy1716 Scott 1244 Jami 1346 Marquis 1644 Chad 1549 Jackie 1601 1700 Betty 1006 Yanni 1134 Matt 1113 Kai 1344 “Cari” Amanda 11:11