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BHCF Home/Limited Equipment Workouts: March 30 – April 2

Black Hills CrossFit:  Home Edition Starting this week, BHCF will be posting both minimal equipment and no-equipment versions of our workouts. We will also have links to video demonstraitons to discuss the workouts and demo the workout standards. We will also be “bringing back” the optional workouts of the week: Home Edition! Finally, we will more »

Friday March 27, 2020

Equipment Version “Deck of Cards” Spades – Goblet Squats Clubs – Burpees Diamonds – Sit-Ups Hearts – Single Arm DB Snatches *Deck of Cards Explanation Video No Equipment Version “Deck of Cards” Spades – Odd-Object Zercher Squats Clubs – Odd-Object to Shoulder Hearts – Sit-Ups Diamonds – Burpees * Deck of Cards Explanation Video * more »

Thursday March 25, 2020

Equipment Version “Cindu” AMRAP 20: 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Pushups 15 Air Squats 30 Double-Unders No Equipment Version “Cindu” AMRAP 20 Minutes: 15 Odd-Object Rows 15 Pushups 15 Air Squat Hops (over odd-object)

Black Hills CrossFit Nutrition, Health, & Fitness!

Black Hills CrossFit members, We have developed a nutrition and health Facebook community group in order to stay connected – BHCF Community Nutrition, Health, & Fitness. We will be discussing all things health and nutrition! This is an opportunity to stay involved and informed while sharing and learning topics related to health and nutrition from more »

Wednesday March 24, 2020

BHCF community.  During this time of social distancing we will also be posting workouts to the Facebook page.  Please comment on modifications and log your scores in the comments section, sort of a “virtual whiteboard” to keep our community connected and maintain camaraderie. In addition, starting next week we will be posting track/endurance workouts on more »

Tuesday March 24, 2020

No Equipment Version “Gravity” 5 Rounds For Time: 60 “Dot Hops” 40 Sit-Ups 20 Pushups 10 Reverse Burpees Equipment Version “Gravity” 5 Rounds For Time: 80 Double-Unders 40 Sit-Ups 20 Pushups 10 Reverse Burpees  

Corona Virus Update 3/23

Dear Members, Rapid City, and Pennington County as a whole, has yet to have a confirmed case of Corona virus. We want to keep it that way. Accordingly, BHCF has made the difficult decision to suspend all group classes until the end of the lockdown period that is set to begin on Friday March 27, more »

Monday March 23, 2020

Dear Black Hills CrossFit community.  Due to the recent developments of the COVID-19 virus and the decision of the city council to recommend closure of certain businesses in Pennington County, Black Hills CrossFit will be closed tomorrow, Monday March 23, 2020.  This includes those with a FOB for 24-hour access at this time. This will more »

Corona Virus Update

Dear Members, The Corona virus pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge to families, schools, medical professionals, businesses, and individuals across all walks of life. It’s safe to say no one has ever dealt with something like this before. Balancing the interests between public health and personal responsibility/risk tolerance is not an easy task. These are more »

A note from Coach Natalie

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ: As the coronavirus, COVID-19 has hit a pandemic worldwide, Black Hills CrossFit would like you to know we are keeping a close eye and doing our own personal efforts as a business to keep our community healthy. There are some implications to note and would like you to understand more »


It’s the time of year where everyone is in a tizzy over NCAA basketball, so we thought we would capitalize on the energy!  Black Hills CrossFit has two members that are currently faced with significant medical debt and we would like to help alleviate some of that pressure so they can focus on thriving.  With more »

Saturday, March 7, 2020

JaxFit Partner WOD: 800 m farmer carry (55/35) 100 squats/plank hold 90 pullups/superman hold 80 situps/wall sit 70 burpees/hang hold 60 hand release push ups/handstand hold 50 buddy deadlifts (225/155)* 400 m farmer carry (55/35) Partner 1 works while partner 2 holds, switch as needed *The buddy deadlifts are performed with a single bar, both more »

WODs for the week of March 2, 2020 through March 6, 2020

By popular demand we will now be posting the entire week’s worth of workouts on Sunday evenings.  We hope this allows you to plan your week and get in to the gym more consistently.  Simply “click” the day below, and you can view the workout for that day.

Saturday: February 29, 2020

JaxFit For time: 27 thrusters (115/75) 27 ABC 3 rope climbs 21 thrusters 21 ABC 2 rope climbs 15 thrusters 15 ABC 1 rope climb Rest 3 mins 21 OHS (75/55) 21 GHD 60 doubles 15 OHS 15 GHD 60 doubles 9 OHS 9 GHD 60 doubles

Friday:  February 28, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 20:00) Mobility:  Banded Internal/External Rotations, 20/arm 10-8-6-4* Empty Bar Muscle Snatch (below knee) Kip Swings *2 Wall climbs after each set of kip swings Then: Spend some time getting upside down: If you’re proficient at HSPU, try them strict (maybe doing negatives).  If you can do them strict, do strict deficit. If you’re more »

Thursday:  February 27, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility:  Couch stretch: :90/leg AMRAP 5 minutes 10 Medball Lunge and Squats (2 lunges + 1 squat = 1 rep) 10 Scap Pull Ups 10 Kip Swings Strength/Skill(20:00 – 35:00) 4 Rounds 10 Barbell ‘Good For Yous’ (from the rack – choose your weight wisely) * Rest 2:00 *In the front rack, more »

Wednesday:  February 26, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 25:00) Mobility:  Sink Stretch, :90 12-10-8 S-Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk Arm Up Plank Shoulder Taps Calorie Row Then: 10 Push Ups 2x :10 Ring Support Hold 5 Ring Dip Negatives (done as singles) Strength/Skill(25:00 – 40:00) Every :90 for 12:00 1 Max Set of Ring Dips* *If you’re still working on more »

Tuesday:  February 25, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 15:00) Mobility 12 Lateral Duck Walk Steps 1:00 AAB 20 Air Squats 20 Russian KB Swings 20 Jump Squats 20 Burpees Strength/Skill(15:00 – 35:00) Back Squat: 3×10 AHAP WOD(40:00 – 52:00): Fitness AMRAP 12 Minutes 250/200m Row 10 Kettlebell Swings 10 Pushups Performance AMRAP 12 Minutes (score is total HSPU or Pushups) 1,000/850m more »