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24/7 Access!

On September 1, BHCF will begin offering 24/7 access to our facility. This is for experienced members only, as required by our insurance. We will determine the question of experience on a case-by-case basis, but generally you will need at least three months of CrossFit experience prior to being eligible for 24/7 access. There are more »

6th Annual Nick and Ryan Hero WOD

On August 2, 2011, Rapid City Police Department Officers Ryan McCandless and Nick Armstrong were shot in the line of duty. Ofc. McCandless died that day; Ofc. Armstrong passed away a few days later. Their deaths were a huge loss to the Rapid City community, which was deeply impacted by the event. A couple of more »

6th Annual Nick and Ryan Hero WOD

The 6th Annual Nick and Ryan Hero WOD will be held on Saturday August 17, with heats beginning at 9am. All local law enforcement, fire fighters, and first responders are welcome to join us. Coaches will be available to assist those who might be unfamiliar with the exercises. More information to follow. Please join us more »

WOD Thu July 4, 2019

Pete 51 toes to bar 10 clean and jerks (155/105) 51 wallballs 10 clean and jerks 51 burpees 10 clean and jerks 51 calorie row For those of you who don’t know him, Pete was the greatest guy in the world. He was a husband, father, business owner, scholar, philanthropist, and athlete, among other things. more »

Holiday Hours — UPDATE

Update to our July 4 schedule… We will have a 530am class, in addition to classes at 830am, 11am, and noon. What the Breakfast Club wants, the Breakfast Club gets. Happy Independence Day!

Holiday Hours

On Thursday July 4 we will have classes at 830am, 11am, and noon. The workout will be Pete. Please join us. Happy Independence Day from BHCF!


In case you’ve forgotten… BHCF has Yoga every Wednesday at 930am. Be(nd) there!

June Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter Issue 2 BLACK HILLS CROSSFIT         “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – Oprah Winfrey     PURPOSE   PURPOSE Someone recently asked me: “What is your purpose in life?” I thought this was an easy question until I really sat more »

Memorial Day Schedule

On Monday May 27 we will have classes at 9am and 4pm. All other classes are cancelled. The workout, as always, will be Murph. Join us, as we pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. Thank you.

WOD Mon May 13, 2019

Sorry to those who have followed BHCF’s programming from afar, but we will no longer be posting our workouts publicly. Instead, the WOD will be posted privately on the “Workout of the Day” tab, which is password protected. The password will be written on the whiteboard at the gym.

WOD Fri May 10, 2019

Warm-Up Mobility: LAX Ball/Foam Roll Traps/Lats (2:00/side) At a steady pace 15-12-9 of: Single-Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk (light) DB Pause Goblet Squats (1-2 seconds in the bottom position) :45 Pushup Hold or HS Hold or HS Walk Practice Strength Establish a 3RM Strict Press* *keep track of this # as we will use more »

WOD Thu May 9, 2019

Warm-Up Mobility: 3 RDS (:20 on, :20 off) empty bar front squat hold (bottom position) 3 Steady Rounds (for quality) 15 KB Swings (Heavy as Possible with Perfect Form) 15 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) :15 second L-Sit OR :30 Plank Then… 20/15 Cal Row (All Out Effort) Strength Establish a 2RM Hang Clean* *keep track more »

WOD Wed May 8, 2019

Warm-Up Mobility: Low back smash 1:00/side 1:00 Superman/Banana Then… 2 Steady Rounds of 12 Good Mornings w/Empty Barbell 6-10 Strict Pulling Variation (ring rows, pullups, or C2B) 12 burpees Strength Establish a 5RM Deadlift* *keep track of this # as we will use this number going forward Fitness For Time: 4 Rounds 10 Ring Rows more »

WOD Tue May 7, 2019

Warm-Up Mobility: 20 PVC passthroughs + 2:00 Internal Shoulder Stretch/Side Barbell Snatch Complex – 5 Reps with an Empty Bar Muscle Snatch Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press Overhead Squat Snatch Balance High Hang Squat Snatch Hang Squat Snatch Strength Establish a 2RM Hang Snatch* *keep track of this # as we will use this more »

WOD Mon May 6, 2019

Warm Up Mobility: hip floss 2 minutes per side, then: Accumulate 2 minutes on either the rower, bike, or ski erg (increasing the pace), then: 10 lateral duck walk steps 8 plank plus 6 squat jumps (with empty barbell if desired) 3 rounds, not for time Strength Establish a 1RM back squat Work up to more »

New Location!

Beginning Monday May 6, we will be in our new location located at 1848 Fountain Plaza Drive. If you are coming from downtown Rapid on Deadwood Ave, turn right on Commerce Road, cross over Rand Road, and then turn left on Fountain Plaza Drive. About a half mile later you will cross over South Plaza more »

WOD Fri May 3, 2019

Jerry 1 mile run 2000m row 1 mile run — Classes at 530am, 830am, 11am, and noon. The 4pm/5pm/6pm classes are cancelled. Moving Day is Saturday May 3. If you’re able to help, we would appreciate it! On Monday May 6, all classes will be held in our new facility located at 1848 Fountain Plaza more »

WOD Thu May 2, 2019

Part 1: Front Squat 4×3 Or use this time to work on front-rack mobility. Then… 10 Front Squats (135/95) 15 Burpees 5 Rounds — A note from Will about programming… This was the first WOD I ever programmed at BHCF, all the way back on June 20, 2011. So much has changed since then — more »

WOD Wed May 1, 2019

Part 1: Power Clean 3×1 Then… Hang Power Cleans Pullups 10-1 Begin OR end with 30/25 cal row or bike. Option 1: 95/65 Option 2: 75/55 Option 1+: 115/75; chest to bar pullups — A quick update on our schedule over the next couple of days… We have to take the rig down after classes more »

WOD Tue Apr 30, 2019

Part 1: Back Squat 4×3 Then… 9 wallballs 15 pushups 9 wallballs 21 situps AMRAP in 15 minutes. Cap of 5 rounds. Option 1+: heavy wallball