Info for Saturday’s Open WOD

Due to the fact that Open WOD 12.3 is a long one, the first heat on Saturday will begin at 930 sharp. If you’re in the first heat, make sure you’re there, warmed up, and ready to go.

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WOD Thursday Mar 8, 2012

KB Swings (55/35)
Double Unders



Run 1 mile

Friday’s WOD will be Open WOD 12.3, which is…

15 box jumps (24/20)
12 barbell shoulder-to-overhead (115/75)
9 toes to bar

AMRAP in 18 minutes


“Six Truths of Weightlifting Technique”

Thanks to Rob Southards for passing along this article. Click the link for the whole thing.

When it comes to weightlifting technique, there are disagreements. Some are legitimate, some are questionable, and a few are downright silly. But when you sift through it all, there are a few universal Truths when it comes to the snatch and clean. If you can make these following six things happen with a given technical style, you can probably make it work for you.

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“How Extended Cardio Will Inhibit Your Strength Gains”

Great article, click the link for the whole thing.

After sleeping for 6-8 hours, you wake up, sit at the table and eat breakfast. Then you either sit in your car, on your bike or on the bus to work, where you will sit for another 6-8 hours. After this long day of sitting, you head to the gym to hop on the elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike for an hour. Then you head home to sit down at the computer or on the couch, finally returning to bed where you will repeat these activities the next day.

See anything wrong with this scenario?

Spending most of your day sitting down, and the one hour of exercise you do get involves aerobic exercise in a single modality is not optimal for human performance. If your idea of exercise involves sitting in the cardio theater for an hour, watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives, then I think it’s time we had a little chat.


WOD Tuesday Mar 6, 2012

4 deadlifts (245/165)
6 handstand pushups
8 toes to bar

AMRAP in 15 minutes


Rest 3 minutes

And then…

Run 3 laps

Write both your rounds/reps for the WOD and your time for the run on the board.

Scale this WOD by doing regular pushups instead of HSPU and situps instead of toes to bar.


A Few Words from Coach Troj

First, I would like to welcome and congratulate our newest CrossFitters. Just walking in the door tells the coaches a lot about you. It tells us that you are adventurous, brave, outgoing, hardworking, and determined. Does this sound like you? It is! You may not realize it yet and that’s where a coach comes in. We are there for you. The catch is, you have to ask. A coach loves to hear “hey coach can you help me with…” or “how does my form look?” or “can you teach me how to…?” or “what weight should I use?” HEY COACH!!!

So what is a coach? Well, every coach at BHCF is different, but the one thing we all have in common – in addition to the CrossFit Level 1 Certification – is the desire to help others succeed and achieve their strength and fitness goals. He or she has had the honor and privilege to work with and coach a large variety of athletic talent and wide age group spectrum. He or she has spent many hours learning, discussing, and critiquing new training methods, kinesiology, and mobility. Your coach loves to coach so don’t be shy. Be that brave outgoing person that you are and ask “hey coach.” Your coach wants nothing more than to see you succeed, and time with your coach is limited, so make the most of it. Try to come in early or, at the bare minimum, on time and ready to work.

Now to our seasoned CrossFitters; you are without question all amazing individuals. You inspire many with your dedication, skills, and feats of strength – coaches and clients alike. Whether you are aware or not you are CrossFit. You are viewed as a leader in the gym. With this comes an unissued responsibility. This responsibility is leading through actions. Newer CrossFitters are looking to you as an example – your working sets, your range of motion, and your lifts. The flip side is that any bad habits are also seen and viewed as acceptable and productive. Example: showing up late, not warming up, and/or late to start the WOD. Your coaches and your time are valuable. Don’t be that person. You are an athlete, you are a leader, and you are CrossFit.


WOD Thursday Mar 1, 2012

Bench Press, 4 sets for total reps. RX for men is bodyweight. RX for women is 2/3 of bodyweight. Scale the weight so that you do a minimum of 20 reps over the course of the 4 sets.


6 kb swings (70/55)
8 pullups
10 jumping lunges

AMRAP in 12 minutes


Third-World Squat

Good article. Click the link for the whole thing.

You’ll notice that in third-world countries, there will be a lot of situations where people are hanging out or working, and rather than sitting or kneeling down, they squat. They can sit like this comfortably for hours. It seems like a simple thing and can be easily overlooked, but try it some time. The average North American adult can’t even get into this position, let alone stay there for any length of time.

I first noticed the impact that this posture could have on weight room performance as a side effect. In order to effectively communicate with the host-nation men that I was training, I wanted to be able to emulate their posture. If you’re having a discussion with a group of men who are squatting in a circle around a map or a meal, it’s a little awkward to be the only guy who has to run around trying to find something to sit on before you can participate.


WOD Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

15 toes to bar
15 box jumps (24/20)
30 double unders

5 rounds

As an upscaling option, consider doing over-the-box jumps. But only attempt these if you have a reasonable degree of confidence that you’ll make the jump.

Then (optional)…

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


“What does it mean to RX?”

It’s more than just doing the prescribed weight. Thanks to Rob Southards for passing this along. Click the link for the whole thing.

Now, for those of you who are consistently doing the WODs with prescribed weights and movements, there are some fundamentals to review. Just because your bar has the prescribed weight on it does not mean you are automatically Rx-ing that movement. Are you doing the lift with a decent amount of proficiency? Are you completing the full range of motion on every rep? Are you handling the weight in a safe way, both for you and for those around you? If the answer to any of these is NO, then you are not Rx-ing the WOD. If you start out a chest-to-bar pullup WOD with good C2B pullups, but 2/3 of the way through you’re not really hitting your chest off the bar, you are not Rx-ing the WOD. If your arms are not locking out every single rep of any kind of pressing movement you do, you are not Rx-ing the workout. If your thighs touch the floor during a push-up and your chest comes off the floor before the rest of your body, you are not Rx-ing the WOD. If your hip crease is not below the top of your knee on every single squat, you are not Rx-ing the WOD. Get the idea?

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WOD Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

Strength/Skill: Squat Snatch

Spend 15-20 minutes working on the squat snatch. DO NOT POWER SNATCH. Work exclusively on catching the snatch in the squat. Start with the PVC. Move up to the empty bar. If that’s as heavy as you can go, don’t sweat it. The idea here is just to work on getting comfortable with the movement. Don’t go anywhere close to heavy unless your technique is solid.

Feel free to do some snatch balances during this time.


2 minutes of Randy (75 power snatch (75/55))
2 minutes rest
3 minutes of Grace (30 clean and jerk (135/95))
3 minutes rest
4 minutes of Fran (you know what Fran is)

For total reps.

If you complete all the reps of any portion of this WOD within the time allowed, you must rest for the remainder of the time for that portion PLUS the prescribed rest period. For example, if you finish Grace in 2:30, you must rest for 3:30 before beginning Fran. Everyone starts each portion of the WOD at the same time.

Adjust the weight on your bar during the rest period.

The maximum possible score on this WOD is 195. If anyone gets 195 RX that person gets to pick Friday’s WOD.


WOD Monday Feb 27, 2012

50 squats
40 pushups
30 kb swings (55/35)
20 power cleans (95/65)
10 L-pullups
20 barbell shoulder-to-overhead (95/65)
30 burpees
40 wallballs (20/14)
50 situps



For those of you doing the CrossFit Games Open, your score must be submitted by 5pm Sunday!

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“Me, Compete?”

Thanks to Bryan Kemper for finding this article from CrossFit West about the Open. Click the link for the whole thing.

An integral element of CrossFit is learning to push ourselves, learning to set goals and work hard to meet them, even if that means we struggle a bit. The Open is a chance for all of us to learn and grow in a slightly different mode of competition. We’ll be able to compete with the entire CF world each week. We’ll be able to compete with the strict movement standards of a competition. We’ll learn things about ourselves when we perform beyond our expectations and when we fail to meet our expectations.