WOD Thursday July 21, 2011

5 tasks

Run 1 mile
100 Russian twists (total)
125 pushups (hands must come off the floor at bottom)
150 double unders (600 singles)
200 parallet jumps (total)

Can do exercises in any order and break them up in any manner you wish.


Sepak Takraw

If we ever happen to get bored of Hooverball, this should be our next sport…


Random WOD generator

Check this site out. It’ll program a WOD for you in one of several different categories. Might be fun to try out on a Saturday. I wonder if it has flutter kicks and mountain climbers in its list of exercises?



By now most of you have heard of the MobilityWOD. Kelly Starrett is a physical therapist who is an absolute wizard when it comes to biomechanics and body positioning as it relates to CrossFit. If you have mobility/flexibility issues, odds are your answer is somewhere in the MobilityWOD. It’s only a couple of minutes a day. Time well spent.

And just today I discovered the TechniqueWOD. It just started, but it’s apparently the same idea as the MobilityWOD. Looks like it could be awesome.

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Firefighter Combat Challenge

We would like to invite everybody down to the 2nd Annual Firefighter Combat Challenge. It will be held at 7th & Main this Saturday and Sunday. The event starts at 1:00 pm Saturday and 11:00 am on Sunday. Bring the entire family, there is plenty for the kids to do, and it’s all free. We would also like to put together one or maybe two corporate teams. These teams consist of 5 people a team. You will run the course as a relay. We would love to put together a women’s and men’s team. So far I have got 3 ladies ready to run. I need 2 more ladies and 5 men. Post to comments if you would like to run. First ones to sign up get to run.

— Justin


WOD Thursday July 7, 2011

3 laps

15 cleans (135/95)
9 hang power cleans (135/95)
6 jerks (Justin, Steve, Paul, Brad, Derek, and Kelie)

3 laps

10 cleans
6 hang power cleans
4 jerks

3 laps

5 cleans
3 hang power cleans
2 jerks

3 laps

NOTE: The range of motion required for a “clean” in CrossFit is to take the weight from the floor, pass through a full front squat (below parallel — meaning the hip joint is below the knee — not AT the knee but BELOW the knee), and then stand upright with the weight in the rack position. For a “power clean” you take the weight from the floor but are not required to pass through a full-depth front squat before standing upright. For a “hang clean” or “hang power clean” you begin with the weight at your hips (as if you had just done a deadlift), not from the floor.

Feel free to argue about this in the comments.