WOD Friday Sep 30, 2011

Team WOD

250m row
Box Jumps
KB SDHP (70/45)

AMRAP in 18 mins. Your team’s score is the total box jump and SDHP reps performed.

Three person teams. While one person is rowing the other two are doing box jumps and SDHP. When the rower gets to 250m, everyone rotates. Continue for 18 minutes. Add total box jumps and SDHP reps.

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WOD Thursday Sep 29, 2011

5 ring dips
7 power cleans (135/95)
9 burpees

6 rounds

For RX you must do dips on the rings. Otherwise you may do dips on the box, bar, tire, etc.

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Pride and Integrity

There are two things that we as CrossFitters hold to a very high standard in the gym: PRIDE and INTEGRITY. Here are the dictionary meanings:

Pride: a becoming or dignified sense of what is due to oneself or one’s position or character; self-respect; self-esteem.

Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

How do pride and integrity play a role in the gym? I believe there are several different ways. The one I would like to discuss is the “whiteboard.”

Every time you write your name on the board you should take pride in the fact that no matter what the WOD is you can finish the workout. You should take pride in the fact that you’re doing something that not everybody out there could do. You should take pride in the fact that you belong to a gym that a lot of people are scared to even walk through the doors of.

When people ask you what you’re doing for a workout, you should take pride in discussing exactly what it is you do in the gym. Usually outsiders don’t understand, and you end the conservation with “You just need to come and try it to understand it.” Or you laugh at the people who say “You can’t possibly get in a good workout in 15 minutes.”

Integrity plays a role when you write your time on the whiteboard behind your name. When you write your time on the board you are saying to everybody else that you did every single rep that you were supposed to, and you did them to the best of your ability.

When you put the RX behind your name you are telling everybody that you did every single rep, and you did every single rep with full range of motion. The RX means that when you’re doing pullups, on that final rep you got your chin fully over the bar — close is not good enough. During a WOD if a trainer tells you to go deeper on a squat, you can automatically assume that your last rep was not deep enough. It takes integrity to not count that rep when you’re tired.

Here is a conversation I had with an athlete the other day during the WOD:

Athlete: “Was that pushup good?”
Trainer: “I don’t know, was it?”
Athlete: Says nothing, shrugs his shoulders and gets down and does the rep over again.

That is what I call integrity.

So the next time you see your name on the board take pride in the fact that you are doing something that is going to make you better. And when you put your time behind your name have the integrity to ask yourself “Did I do every single rep, and did I do them to the best of my ability?” If the answer is no, you haven’t finished the workout, and the only one you are cheating is yourself.



Torn Hands

For those who suffer from torn hands on a regular basis, here’s an interesting video…

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WOD Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

It’s the last day of the burpee challenge! Congrats to those who participated, and especially to the few of us that finished it. It sucked, no doubt about it, but it was worth the effort. Everyone should do a burpee challenge sometime.

WOD Option 1:

75 burpees
Rest 2 mins
75 situps
Rest 2 mins
75 squats

WOD Option 2:

Do option 1
Rest 2 mins
75 barbell ground to overhead (75/55)

Those who completed the challenge should record their time for just the 75 burpees and post it to the comments.


FGB6 Recap

Thanks to all those who attended Fight Gone Bad, and congratulations to anyone who completed the workout. There’s something special about pushing through the adversity of a difficult workout like that. It was truly inspirational to watch people dig deep within themselves to get that extra rep or two — to keep working when every fiber in their body is telling them to quit. It was fun to watch and be a part of. CrossFit really brings out the best in people.

And let’s not forget that the proceeds from the event went to a really great cause.

Thanks also to KNBN NewsCenter1 for coming out to cover it. Video of their story can be found here.

Anyone else already looking forward to next year?


WOD Monday Sep 19, 2011

10 kb snatch (35/25) (total — 5 per arm)
15 incline pushups
20 overhead walking lunges (45/25) (total — 10 per leg)

6 rounds

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Burpee Challenge

This post is for the two or three of us who haven’t bailed on the burpee challenge…

The last day of the challenge is Saturday, Sep 17. That’s also the day of Fight Gone Bad.

Crazy Kelly, the organizer of the burpee challenge — and just about every other challenge and support group that I can think of — will be out of town on the last day.

Due to Kelly’s absence and FGB, the official last day of the burpee challenge will be Tuesday, Sep 20. If you didn’t participate in the challenge, don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy 75 burpees for time with those who did, because it will be part of Tuesday’s WOD.

Yes, I said enjoy.