Workout Of the Day

Wednesday March 24 2010

For Time:

15 Reps for:  Decline pushup___Wall Balls 20# 10’___Box Jumps___K.B swings________6Rounds


Workout Of the Day

Tuesday March 23 2010

For Time:  10 Push Press___15 Situps___25 Squats___30 Parallett jumps________4 Rounds

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1.    KELIE                485 LB                      412.638

2.    JAMI                  415 LB                      378.065

3.    SUMMER         510 LB                      354.756

4.    MELLISA          375 LB                      317.325

5.    AMANDA         365 LB                      303.023

6.    HILLARY D      385 LB                      297.874

7.    BETTY              340 LB                      285.94

8.    PAULA       395 LB                      284.242

9.    KATHY             355 LB                      281.089

10.  TAMMY            390 LB                      275.886

11.  HILLARY M     285 LB                      265.990


 MALES                    TOTAL WEIGHT    SCORE

1.    WALTER          920 LB                      567.364

2.    SHAWN             660 LB                      558.492

3.    YANNI              965 LB                      531.136

4.    MARQUIS         895 LB                      506.301

5.    SCOTT               785 LB                      482.304

6.    KRIS                  725 LB                      461.462

7.    TIM                    765 LB                      455.481

8.    RYAN                695 LB                      416.583

9.    DAN                   685 LB                      416.274

10.  KAI                    595 LB                      405.909

11.  PEDRO       680 LB                      402.288

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I wanted to remind everybody that, there will be no evening classes today or any morning classes on Monday March, 22nd.

Starting in April we will be eliminating the 5am class.  But we will be adding a 1100-1200 class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  I encourage people to look at the schedule at the beginning of each week to make sure there are no changes. From time to time we have to close classes.

We strongly urge people to show up on time for classes. This way we dont have 4 different stop watches going all at the same time.  If nobody shows up by 15 after the hour for the 7 am class or the 6 pm class, the gym is closed up. Everybody needs to start signing up for class. You can go in at the beginning of the week and sign up for the week.  In the very near future there will be a (burpee punishment) for not signing up for classes.

Everybody did excellent in the CrossFit Total.  Some very impressive numbers were posted, and I think some of you even suprised yourself. The numbers will soon be posted. Just a reminder that if you want to be in on the prize money, it is a $15.00 buy in. Most of the money will go towards new equipment.



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Workout Of the Day

Thrusday March 18 2010

For Time:


Incline Pushups___Deadlifts___Knees to Elbows___Wallballs

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Trainers Log

Weds March 17 2010.                       

I have to give a shout out to the Lady’s today.  Great job way to show up and represent.   Enjoy your st. Patty’s day.

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%*#@$ paleo …

So, I caved.

Really, I thought joining CrossFit would be the last time I gave in to peer pressure. But here I am, almost one full week into trying the paleo diet.

It’s not that I have any particular beef (horrible pun gleefully intended) with the paleo diet. It seems like a sensible way to eat and live. But it does involve change and some very substantial change at that. And I don’t like change. Good change, bad change, doesn’t matter. I like my comfort zone, thank you very much. And that goes double for my carbohydrates.

So, why bother? Because I’m tired. Tired of being hungry. Tired of being tired. Tired of counting every calorie that passes my lips. So for two weeks, I’m giving this caveman stuff a whirl.

Granted I have concerns, some of which are valid and others of which are vanity. One of the valid trepidations include the annoying array of definitions of what constitutes paleo … or caveman … or primal. Each has its own set of rules, and sometimes, they flat out contradict each other. As far as vanity is concerned, I don’t like feeling like a sheep, like I started doing this because everyone else was. And I don’t know whether this counts as valid or vanity, but I mentioned I liked carbs, right? A lot?

But I have to say that so far, it’s going pretty well. I haven’t cheated, and my hunger level has gone from “Oh holy crap, feed me now before I eat my shoes” to a more polite “ahem, excuse me, but it seems to me that I appear to be a bit peckish.”

That alone just might be worth forgoing cereal in the morning.


The social aspect

I went to my old gym for two and a half years and never met anyone new.

I’ve been going to CrossFit for three months and have met at least a dozen people.

It’s amazing what you find in common with someone who’s siting beside you, dripping sweat after burpees and lunges and pull ups and and kettlebell swings. Like how much both of you would really like to return to breathing normally.

Granted, the point of CrossFit isn’t to make friends, but the contrast between CF and regular gyms as far as the social aspect is concerned provides nice side benefit. At least for me. I’m not the most social person, but I enjoy some friendly conversation. I never got that at my old gym. And I can understand why gyms intimidate people. Huge, buff dudes grunting and straining. Skinny chicks, huffing and puffing on the elliptical machines. Not the most inviting of environments.

What’s great about CrossFit is that everyone there is pulling for everyone else. It isn’t just Keith and Justin being encouraging and supportive — it’s all the clients, too. Slow, fast, beginner, rock star … everybody wants to see everybody else do well. Sure, there’s some friendly competition, but at the end of 20 brutal minutes, there’s never a shortage of “nice job”s.

Making friends, one pushup at a time.

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Trainers log

Trainers Log March 11, 2010

Well the Crossfit total challenge is off and running with big numbers already posted. Look forward to seeing all of our clients improve over this next month.

Also the Dublin dash is just around the corner. I heard that bloody marries never tasted better then after the dash.

Justin and I are look at opening an 1100-1200 hr. Mon-wed-Fri. these are very busy 1200-1300 classes. What do you think? Does this time work for some? We will continue to improve refine our schedule.

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Workout of the day

Tuesday March 9 2010

For Time:

2 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′
4 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′
2 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′

For Time

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W.O.D Monday March 8 2010

For time:
______Team Work out:____(Row 200m @ a time). When you are done rowing do:(____20 Situps____15 K.B swings____10 Brupees). Do as many rounds need to get a total row distance of 8000m

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Trainer’s Log

Monday March 8 2010

I think I should start this log with a little personal info about me Keith Trojanowski:
10 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I have no middle name
2. I don’t grown hair on my head
3. I am 31
4. I am from Wyo. Go pokes
5. I have lived in SD for 10 years.
6. I like fast bikes
7. I like old cars
8. Don’t like early mornings
9. Wont eat liver
10. love all pie’s