WOD Mon Sep 29, 2014

Strength: Back Squat 3 (70%) – 3 (80%) – 3+ (90%)


10 deadlifts
15 hand-release pushups
20 squats
25 double unders

AMRAP in 10 minutes

Cap of 4 rounds. If you finish 4 rounds in under 10 minutes, record your time on the board, not your rounds/reps.

Option 1: 225/155
Option 2: 165/115

Modify the double unders by doing fewer than 25 double unders or by doing 50 single unders.

WOD Fri Sep 26, 2014

Strength: Press 5 (65%) – 5 (75%) – 5+ (85%)

Add 5lbs to your adjusted one rep max.


15 hang power cleans
5 burpees over the bar
15 front squats
5 burpees over the bar
15 shoulder to overhead
5 burpees over the bar

AMRAP in 12 minutes

Option 1: 95/65
Option 2: 75/55

A “burpee over the bar” is not a bar-facing burpee. You need not face the bar when you do the burpee; you just need to jump over the bar when you’re done with it. Modify with regular burpees.

WOD Thu Sep 25, 2014

Strength: Back Squat 5 (65%) – 5 (75%) – 5+ (85%)

Add 10lbs to your adjusted one rep max.


15 knees to elbows
20 wallballs
250m row

3 rounds

You must also do 2 laps kb farmer’s carry at some point during the WOD. The 2 laps do not need to be consecutive (you can do 1 lap at a time).

Option 1: 70/55 kb (each arm)
Option 2: 55/35 kb (each arm)

If all rowers are occupied, you may begin your next set of knees to elbows, or do your farmer’s carry, and take a rower when one is available.

WOD Tue Sep 23, 2014

Strength: Bench Press 5 (65%) – 5 (75%) – 5+ (85%)

Remember to add 5lbs to your adjusted one rep max.


Double Unders


Option 1: handstand pushups (round of 20); ring dips (round of 15); stict pullups (round of 20); chest to bar pullups (round of 15); unbroken double unders (all)

Option 2: all regular pullups and pushups

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget the competition coming up on Saturday Oct 18. Complete details will be announced before the end of this week. Stay tuned and save the date!

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Wendler 5/3/1

This is the first week of the new cycle. Don’t forget to add 5 pounds to you adjusted one rep max for the bench press and shoulder press, and 10 pounds to your adjusted one rep max for the squat and deadlift. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ADD 5 AND 10 POUNDS TO THE BAR. You add the weight to your adjusted one rep max, and then from there you determine what weight to put on the bar. Talk to the trainer if you have any questions.

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WOD Mon Sep 22, 2014

Strength: Deadlift 5 (65%) – 5 (75%) – 5+ (85%)


30 back squats (95/65)
30 kb swings (55/35)
3 laps
20 back squats
20 kb swings
2 laps
10 back squats
10 kb swings
1 lap

Modify the back squats by doing kb goblet squats instead.

WOD Fri Sep 19, 2014

Strength: Bench Press 5 (40%) – 5 (50%) – 5 (60%)

Be sure to also spend some time warming up the barbell movements below.


5 power snatches
15 double unders
5 thrusters
15 double unders

AMRAP in 10 minutes

Option 1: 95/65
Option 2: 75/55

Modify the power snatches by doing kb swings (or clean and jerks).

Modify the thrusters by doing wallballs.

WOD Thu Sep 18, 2014

Strength: Deadlift 5 (40%) – 5 (50%) 5 (60%)

Deload or 3×3 or 3×5.


6 ring dips
9 box jumps (24/20)
12 situps

AMRAP in 14 minutes

You must also row 1000m at some point during the WOD. The row can be broken up however you’d like, but must be completed before the time is up, and does not count toward your score.

Modify the ring dips with box dips.

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WOD Wed Sep 17, 2014

Strength/Skill: Clean 1-1-1

Full clean if you have good front rack mobility. Power clean if not, but spend some time working on the front rack position.


6 pullups
9 cleans
12 pullups
15 cleans
18 pullups
21 cleans
24 pullups

In that order.

Option 1: 135/95
Option 2: 95/65

Modify this WOD by doing power cleans instead of full cleans, and ring rows instead of pullups. As stated above, only do full cleans if you have good front rack mobility.

WOD Tue Sep 16, 2014

Strength: Press 5 (40%) – 5 (50%) 5 (60%)

Or go for a 3 or 5 rep max.


KB Swings


You must also run 6 laps during the WOD. You can break up the run however you’d like, whenever you’d like, as long as you get 6 laps in.

Option 1: 70/55
Option 2: 55/35

Modify this WOD by doing fewer than 6 laps. 3 or 4 might be better for you. Talk to the trainer if you have questions.

Do not drop the kettlebells.

WOD Mon Sep 15, 2014

Strength: Back Squat 5 (40%) – 5 (50%) 5 (60%)

This is the deload week. If your body is feeling beat up, then take advantage of this week and stay light as programmed. If, however, you’re feeling good, use this time to establish a new 3 (3×3) or 5 (3×5) rep max. Resist the temptation to test your 1 rep max.


9 wallballs
7 toes to bar
5 deadlifts

7 rounds

Begin AND end with 25 hand-release pushups

Option 1: 245/155
Option 2: 185/125

Modify the toes to bar by doing situps instead

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WOD Fri Sep 12, 2014

Strength: Press 5 (75%) – 3 (85%) – 1+ (95%)


750m row
30 shoulder to overhead
500m row
20 hang to overhead
250m row
10 ground to overhead

Option 1: 95/65 (round of 30); 115/75 (round of 20); 155/105 (round of 10)
Option 2: 75/55 (round of 30); 95/65 (round of 20); 135/95 (round of 10)


Another good one from Jon Gilson. Click here for the whole thing.

You have to crush fear with work. Your first actions need not be correct, nor brilliant, but they have to occur. Get to work. Set the alarm for 4:45 in the morning, step onto the cold floor, drive to the gym. Open a file on your laptop, and type any paragraph in the Great American Novel. Turn over a spade of earth, plant a seed, start your organic garden.

Fear will flee before your simple actions, quieted by work. Every step we take dictates the next, and with every additional step, the path becomes more defined.

Your resolution will not be easy. You will sacrifice and you will struggle and you will hurt. Don’t think that success comes any other way. Still, you should begin the slaughter today. Make time by deciding what you won’t do. Create the ideal world by removal. Do the work.

You can beat back complacency, you can become better, and you can change your world.

“Good Programming”

Jon Gilson, founder of Again Faster Equipment, recently had a blog post that seemed appropriate to post here. What he says in this article is pretty much spot on with the principles that guide the programming at BHCF. Here’s part. Click this link for the whole thing.

Most of your athletes don’t need to squat snatch on a daily basis; they need to squat. They don’t need to rope climb; they need to do pullups. They don’t need double unders; they need to sprint.

Pick the big exercises, the simple movements, ones that move the athlete’s center of gravity a long way using low coordination movement patterns. Layer on high coordination movements as a supplement, an expression of power best suited to those who already exhibit virtuosity as the basics, those you consider advanced, those who plan to compete.

Further, most of your athletes don’t need to work out for a half hour. They need to bust their ass for five to ten minutes. They need anaerobic training.

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WOD Thu Sep 11, 2014

Strength: Deadlift 5 (75%) – 3 (85%) – 1+ (95%)


5 wallballs
10 kb sdhp
15 parallette jumps (total)
20 walking lunges (total)

AMRAP in 15 minutes

Option 1: 70/55 kb
Option 2: 55/45 kb

Use the rower as a parallette if necessary.

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WOD Tue Sep 9, 2014

Strength: Bench Press 5 (75%) – 3 (85%) – 1+ (95%)


50 situps
25 toes to bar
50 deadlifts
25 box jumps
50 pushups
25 ring dips

In any order, but for RX each exercise must be completed in its entirety before moving on to the next.

Option 1: 165/115; 30/24 box
Option 2: 135/95; 24/20 box

Modify this WOD by doing it in 5 rounds of 5/10 of each exercise.

Modify the ring dips by doing box dips.

If your hands are sore, do GHD situps instead of toes to bar. Talk to the trainer before using the GHD.